Travel the world with the Landscape Institute Student Travel Award. Win up to £750 and conduct hands-on research into an exciting area of landscape practice

Are you studying on a Landscape Institute-accredited course? Currently or soon to be an LI student member? We want to support the future stars of the landscape profession – which is why we’re giving you the opportunity to travel the world and develop your knowledge on an important landscape topic.

The theme – resilient design

The impact of climate change continues to make itself more and more apparent. It’s more important than ever that landscape professionals begin working towards future-proofing our environment. So this year, the theme of our Student Travel Award is resilient design‘.

We want you to come up with an original, well-researched and achievable proposal for a study trip to anywhere in the world where you could learn more about the implementation and impact of resilient design.

What is resilient design?

‘Resilient design’ is all about future-proofing our environments. It’s an approach to planning that helps landscapes meet challenges to their physical, social, economic and technical systems and infrastructures.

Successful resilient design:

  1. Protects and strengthens ecological and human health
  2. Embraces the density and diversity of communities and adapts to their ever-changing needs
  3. Encourages sustainable living by providing local, renewable, and/or reclaimed resources
  4. Conserves the health of natural systems and manages the impact of climate change
  5. Provides natural defenses against environmental pressures, including drought, flooding and extreme heat

Your proposal should focus on this theme, and may include one or more of these criteria.

More information on resilient design principles:

Why enter?

We aren’t just giving you a chance to pocket £750 and travel anywhere in the world to study striking examples of resilient design. We’re also giving you the opportunity to promote your research.

  • Instagram Takeover: Document your journey across our Instagram profile, posting stories and snaps aimed to entertain and intrigue our audience!
  • Vlog: Present your experience in the form of a travel vlog, which will live on the LI website and receive promotion across our social channels. 
  • Blog or article: Demonstrate your wordsmithery with a detailed blog and/or academic article for our website or journal – your choice!

This is your chance to build a solid portfolio of work and showcase it to some of the industry’s most esteemed professionals – as well as future employers.

What are we looking for?

Our judging panel will be looking for proposals that meet these criteria:

  • Originality. Your proposal should include an original angle and focus that will lead to a new understanding of the topic
  • Quality. Your research should show strong understanding of the proposed topic and a comprehensive understanding of the travel required for the study trip
  • Clarity. You should give clear and concise answers to each of the questions on the application form
  • Relevance. The proposal must be relevant to the proposed topic and the desired outcomes applicable to landscape practice.
  • Realism. While ambitious, proposals must still outline achievable outcomes and a realistic budget plan.

How to apply

Applicants should complete and submit the online application form by midnight on Thursday 31 May 2018. The proposed study trip must end before 31 March 2019.

Please read the below questions carefully – you won’t be able to revise your answers after submitting.

  1. What is the focus of your proposed study trip and why have you chosen it? (Approximately 400 words)
  2. How does your chosen focus link to the theme of resilient design? (Approximately 200 words)
  3. What research have you already undertaken on your chosen topic? (Approximately 300 words)
  4. What objectives are you aiming to achieve through travelling abroad? (Approximately 100 words)
  5. When do you propose to travel? (Approximately 50 words)
  6. What is your proposed travel programme? (Please provide key dates, where you will travel, what you will be studying at each point and any other relevant information.) (Approximately 200 words)
  7. What are the estimated costs of your trip? (Please set out detailed costs for travel, accommodation, and any other significant costs (excluding food and drink), and provide an overall total.) (Approximately 200 words)

Submit your application herePlease read the terms and conditions before you apply.


Judging will commence on Friday 1 June 2018. We will announce winners on Friday 8 June 2018.

About the award

This award is from a fund set up in memory of David Ashmore, Adrian Brunswick and Michael Norton, three landscape architects who were tragically killed in an air crash at Biggin Hill on 13 January 1979. A legacy was added to the fund on the death of Mary Mitchell in December 1988.



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