LI Committees

The LI’s three standing committees offer general guidance on all areas of the LI’s work, while subcommittees and working groups focus on more specialised areas including awards, editorial and financial.

The three committees are:

  1. Education and Membership Committee
  2. Policy and Communications Committee
  3. Technical and Research Committee

Education and Membership Committee

The Education and Membership Committee develops policy and provides expertise and advice on all issues relating to education and continuing professional development (CPD).

The committee also advises on the standards of entry for the LI’s membership grades, in support of the LI’s objectives. Responsibilities include careers and progression, the accreditation and review of higher education programmes, mechanics of qualifying for chartership, and promoting a culture of lifelong learning in the profession to ensure high standards of practice. More details can be found in the Terms of Reference.

Education and Membership Committee members

  • Michelle Bolger CMLI (Chair)
  • Nick Harrison FLI
  • Christine House CMLI
  • Natalie Murray CMLI
  • Clare Penny CMLI
  • Mark Cowell (SCHOLA Rep)
  • Avra Ploumi-Archer CMLI
  • Steve Plumb CMLI
  • Vanessa Ross CMLI
  • Lindsey Wilkinson FLI
  • Eleanor Hacon, Licentiate rep
  • Jessie Jones, Licentiate rep

Accreditation Subcommittee members

  • Steve Plumb CMLI (Chair)
  • David Booth CMLI (Vice-Chair)
  • Mark Cowell (SCHOLA Rep)
  • Paul Cureton, Licentiate
  • Christine House CMLI
  • Meaghan Kombol CMLI
  • Samantha Leathers CMLI
  • Ian Mell CMLI
  • Karen Pinckney CMLI
  • Avra Ploumi-Archer CMLI

Policy and Communications Committee

The Policy Committee consists of LI members and is directly supported by the Director of Policy and Communications and the Head of Policy. The main responsibilities of the committee are leading on the direction and content of the LI’s position statements; leading the development of LI responses to public policy consultations; and representing the LI at external events.

More on the committee’s role is given in the Policy Committee Terms of Reference.

Policy and Communications Committee members

  • Kate Bailey CMLI MRTPI (Chair)
  • Annie Coombs FLI
  • Richard Copas CMLI
  • Merrick Denton-Thompson OBE PLI
  • Luke Engleback CMLI
  • Sue Evans MBE FLI
  • Ian Houlston CMLI
  • Marcus Grant CMLI
  • Val Kirby FLI
  • Ian Phillips VPLI MRTPI
  • Richard Sumner CMLI
  • Eleanor Trenfield CMLI

Find out more about our policy work including responses to policy consultations.

Technical and Research Committee

The Technical and Research Committee (usually referred to as Technical Committee) develops information, guidance, and advice for members and staff on technical and professional matters.  It also suggests the content of courses and events.

More can be found on the role of the Technical Committee in the Committee Terms of Reference.

Find out more about the Committee’s recent work by viewing the Minutes of Technical Committee meetings

Technical Committee members

  • Marc van Grieken FLI (Chair)
  • Bill Blackledge CMLI (Vice-chair and Council rep)
  • Karl Jones CMLI
  • Roger Kent FLI
  • David McKenna CMLI
  • Colin Moore CMLI
  • Romy Rawlings CMLI
  • Jon Rooney CMLI
  • Mike Shilton (co-opted) CMLI
  • Alan Simson FLI
  • Christine Tudor CMLI
  • (Vacancy)

Technical working group members

There are a number of working groups that focus on specific technical areas. These are listed below.

BIMMike Shilton CMLI (Chair & Promotions workstream lead), Avra Ploumi-Archer CMLI (Learning workstream lead), Anna Dekker CMLI (DPOW workstream lead), Martyn Horne CMLI (Technology workstream lead), Romy Rawlings CMLI (Engagement workstream lead), Tim Calnan CMLI (PDT lead), Carl Collins (LI Rep on UK BIM Alliance: Affiliate member), Gary Cartwright CMLI, Alberto Dominguez CMLI, Ian Lanchbury CMLI (Assisting Promotions), Simon Bell CMLI, David Thompson CMLI, Gareth Lapworth (n/m), Henry Fenby-Taylor (Licentiate), Darren Hickmott (GIS Lead – Affiliate member), Mihailo Simeunovic (n/m), Gary Morton (n/m), Tom Thompson (n/m)
Biosecurity Working GroupRoger Kent FLI , Tim Arkell CMLI,  Benjamin Brace CMLI, Annabel Downs CMLI (Newsletter), Colin Moore CMLI (Chair), Sarah Reece-Mills CMLI, Alan Simson FLI,
BREEAM workstrandsMark Loxton CMLI (lead), Jonathan Assorto-McIlwaine CMLI (SEF workstream lead), Robyn Butcher CMLI
GLVIA Advisory PanelMarc van Grieken FLI (Chair), Chris Bolton CMLI, Mary O’Connor FLI, Charmaine Smith CMLI, Jon Rooney CMLI (co-opted), Rebecca Knight CMLI, Vacancy ( member required)
Inclusive Environments/DesignDavid McKenna CMLI (Lead), Helen Allen (BS8300-2 lead: licentiate member), Sarah Green CMLI, Lucy Wilson-Richards CMLI, Juno Hollyhock CMLI, Danielle Reeves CMLI, Annie Pollock CMLI
Landscape Consultants AppointmentBill Blackledge CMLI (Chair),  Colin Moore CMLI
LightingKarl Jones CMLI (Chair), Romy Rawlings CMLI
Photography & PhotomontageMarc Van Grieken FLI, Dr Ian McAulay (Affiliate), Mike Spence CMLI, Christine Tudor CMLI,
 JCLI Colin Moore CMLI

Other LI committees

Listed below are all other LI committees and their members.

Appointments and Selection Committee

The Appointments and Selection Committee assists the LI Council with the appointments and selection processes for which it is responsible:

  • Katharine Schofield CMLI (Chair)
  • Adrian Clarke CMLI
  • Candida Diamond CMLI
  • Steve Fancourt CMLI
  • Rachel Tennant FLI
  • Rose Walker

Awards and Competitions Advisory Committee

The Awards and Competitions Advisory Committee considers financial matters for the LI, which covers both the Landscape Institute and Landscape Services Limited:

  • David Withycombe CMLI (Chair)
  • Rob Beswick CMLI
  • Nicola Cox CMLI
  • Anne Evans CMLI
  • Paj Valley FLI
  • Jo Watkins PPLI CMLI

Editorial Advisory Panel

The Editorial Advisory Panel has editorial responsibility for Landscape, the Journal of the Landscape Institute, plus all LI news and events:

  • Dr. David Buck AMLI, Senior Lecturer and Postgraduate Landscape Programme Leader, University of Gloucestershire
  • Edwin Knighton CMLI, Head of Landscape Architecture, Leeds Metropolitan University
  • Amanda McDermott, CMLI, Landscape Architect, 2B Landscape Consultancy Ltd
  • Peter Sheard CMLI, freelance landscape architect
  • John Stuart-Murray FLI, Senior Lecturer in Landscape Architecture, University of Edinburgh
  • Eleanor Trenfield CMLI, Landscape Planning Associate, Barton Willmore
  • Jo Watkins CMLI PPLI, landscape architect
  • Jenifer White CMLI, National Landscape Adviser at Historic England

Finance and Risk Committee

The Finance and Risk Committee considers financial issues for the LI:

  • Carolin Göhler CMLI (Chair)
  • Michelle Bolger CMLI
  • Sue Illman PPLI
  • Jim Smyllie
  • Charles Young