Building information modelling (BIM)

Visualisation from BIM for Landscape (2016), p128. Image: McGregor Coxall

The Landscape Institute encourage competence in digital practice among our members.

In 2013, we began promoting and facilitating the uptake of building information modeling (BIM). Work in this area has included:

The LI’s support for BIM now forms part of a wider digital skills programme, led by the LI technical committee’s digital practice working group, and that group’s various workstreams.

The UK BIM Alliance

The LI is an affiliate of the UK BIM Alliance, a professional forum for institutions, trade associations, and other industry bodies that aims to make BIM adoption in the UK ‘business as usual’ – effecting a consistent and coordinated transformation and evolution across the built environment professions.


The LI’s digital practice working group (formerly BIM working group) comprises several workstreams, which are taking forward activity under the headings: promotion and engagement; technology; spatial data; PDTs; and digital arboriculture.

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Latest BIM and digital practice updates

UK BIM Alliance survey seeks to correct gender disparity in the industry

Women in BIM mentors and mentees have noticed disparities in the roles and responsibilities assigned to men and women working in BIM at similar levels. The UK BIM Alliance wants to hear from practitioners to help them better understand current roles within the industry

Talking Landscapes is retiring – say hello to LI Connect

The LI is phasing out Talking Landscapes, our old digital networking platform, on 1 October; but our new service, LI Connect, will replace it as the go-to digital platform for everything landscape

UK BIM Alliance calls for input into new guidance

The Alliance is producing new guidance for the UK National Annex to the ISO 19650 series - the international standards that specify how practitioners manage, organise and digitise information about buildings and civil engineering works