A career in landscape architecture

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Landscape practitioners create and conserve great places. They work with the built and natural environment to create innovative public spaces, green spaces, roof gardens, wildlife habitats, install sustainable infrastructure, improve environmental quality, health and wellbeing, plan and manage national parks and urban parks. They also mitigate flood risk, masterplan urban developments.

Further information can be found in our case studies library.

There are many different careers to be found in landscape, but most require education and training in some or all of the following areas; landscape design, management, science, planning and urban design. Landscape professionals also need a mix of practical skills, an understanding of people and society, plus a passion for the natural world. The ability to bring these diverse skills together is a must.

The landscape profession requires individuals who can innovate, solve problems and think about such weighty issues as regeneration, the environment and public health. Landscape professionals work in housing, health, planning and development, the natural environment in the public and private sectors, and their varied work covers:

  • master planning major housing developments, shopping centres, high street development and sports arenas
  • influencing planning policy on flooding, traffic congestion, environmental impact and regeneration
  • creating spaces for people to meet, relax and enjoy
  • providing clean air and reducing noise pollution in congested cities
  • ensuring changes to the natural environment are sensitive and sustainable
  • protecting historical sites and ensuring they are accessible to all
  • designing and planning many different outside spaces including public parks, public spaces , even canal side walks
  • exploring how to encourage healthier living, better food production and more wildlife

The benefits of a career in landscape practice

Landscape practitioners create better places for people as well as helping to protect the environment. Job satisfaction tends to be high. In addition, the profession:

  • provides excellent employment prospects, as 85 per cent of landscape architects work full-time
  • offers a starting salary between £22-£24,000 a year, with some key professionals earning over £100,000
  • is one of the few built-environment professions where as many men as women are in practice.

Further information on careers in landscape architecture can be found in Be a Landscape Architect our dedicated careers website or by contacting our Education Development Officer Poppy Smith on Poppy.Smith@landscapeinstitute.org.