Nominations run until 12 June

LI seeks Honorary Treasurer

The Landscape Insitute is looking for a new Honorary Treasurer, following the decision of Penny Beckett to step down from the role after three years. 

The appointee will also become a member of the Landscape Institute Board of Trustees. 

The eligibility requirements as set out in the Institutes By-Laws state that candidates should meet either:

Method A
–  Corporate Member of the Institute (ie CMLI, FLI) and
–  Served as a Council Member or a Trustee or on a Standing Committee for at least one year in the preceding ten years, and
–  Nominated by 3 Corporate Members.


Method B
–  Corporate Member of the Institute (ie CMLI, FLI) for at least 5 years and
–  Nominated by 25 Corporate Members of the Institute.

If there are several nominations, an election will be held.

Full details are available on a special nominations website.


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