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‘Landscape is the primary infrastructure.’ – Farrell Review of Architecture and the Built Environment

The LI conference Landscape as Infrastructure took place on 22-23 June 2017. View the delegate brochure to find out more about the talks and site visits features.

Copies of the presentations will be available soon.

Save the date
IFLA Europe 2018 General Assembly

The next LI conference will take place in London on Thursday 6 and Friday 7 September 2018. It will focus on the value of landscape transformation, including the concept of natural capital – an emerging agenda that is likely to inform both future legislation and technical standards for LI members. Measuring and demonstrating the societal, economic and environmental benefits of landscape interventions will be of crucial importance in the years ahead, and the LI is committed to widening discussion and debate around this issue.

The conference will form part of the IFLA Europe General Assembly and Conference 2018, which this year will also take place in London. The conference will be an excellent opportunity to engage and learn from landscape professionals across Europe and beyond. Look out for further announcements on the LI website.