About the LI Awards

Landscape Institute Awards ceremony 2015. © Landscape Institute

The LI Awards are presented to landscape professionals in recognition of their outstanding work, and to encourage excellence. Every year, the LI applauds those working on the most innovative projects to have shaped, restored and protected the natural and built environment.

The awards shine a spotlight on the exceptional work of a diverse group of landscape professionals including landscape architects, designers, managers, planners and researchers.

The main aims of the LI Awards

The awards:

  • promote landscape professionals
  • advance the knowledge and understanding of all landscape disciplines
  • celebrate professional expertise
  • reward schemes that demonstrate a high level of commitment to sustainability

The important role of landscape professionals

We want the public to know about the work of our most creative and innovative landscape professionals, because their work can have a big impact on people’s lives.

Take a look at any of the LI landscape winners and you’ll see all the different public benefits they offer including health, environmental, social, and economic. For instance, landscapes can promote positive mental and physical health, bring communities together – and, increasingly, address the issues of sustainability and climate change.

Indeed, landscapes feature in many aspects of people’s lives, as noted by poet Ian McMillan, an LI Awards judge in 2010, who said of landscapes:

“They’re memory-scapes too. Not only living memories, as you recall walks and picnics or working days and freezing nights, but memories beyond the living; memories held in stone, in hillsides, in field-patterns, in ruins, in bridges, in front doors and back gardens, in high hills that define how we think and vast expanses that shape the way we experience perspective.”

The LI Award categories

There are a total of 19 awards. This includes 12 professional categories for different types of projects to reflect the breadth of work done by landscape professionals.

In addition, the ‘Fellows Award’ is presented to LI members for their contribution to the landscape industry. LI members nominate candidates for the Client of the Year, New Landscape Professional of the Year and Volunteer of the Year Awards, and there are two categories of Student Award.

The final award – which is the top landscape prize of the year – is the President’s Award, which is selected by the LI President, traditionally from among the 12 professional category winners.

We have an obligation to promote the best work that the profession produces and a key way of doing this is by showcasing projects at the annual awards. The success that we have achieved at the LI Awards is shared with colleagues and client’s alike and is of particular benefit to publicly funded projects where this acknowledgement is an important part of the legacy of the project.

Neil Davidson CMLI, J & L Gibbons (2015 winner for Adding Value through Landscape)

LI Awards categories

Professional categories

  1. Adding Value Through Landscape / Environmental Improvement Award
  2. Design for a Small Scale Development Award
  3. Design for a Medium Scale Development Award
  4. Design for a Large Scale Development Award
  5. Design for a Temporary Landscape Project Award
  6. Communications and Presentation Award
  7. Heritage and Conservation Award
  8. Science, Management and Stewardship Award
  9. Landscape Policy and Research Award
  10. Local Landscape Planning Award
  11. Strategic Landscape Planning Award
  12. Urban Design and Masterplanning Award

Student Awards

  1. Student Dissertation Award
  2. Student Portfolio Award

Special Awards

  1. Client of the Year Award
  2. New Landscape Professional of the Year Award
  3. Volunteer of the Year Award

Special Accolades

  1. Fellows’ Award
  2. President’s Award

Who can enter the LI Awards

Any project that was completed during the last 10 years preceding the year of the award can be submitted.

For the two student awards only work from the three years preceding the year of the award is eligible. The deadline date set in each year is for some time in early July. For instance, the deadline for 2016 was 15 July 2016.

You can read the guidance for the 2016 awards, but this is for reference only:

LI Awards 2017

Calls for entries for 2017, plus the timetable and a guide on how to apply (costs and who can enter), will be published in early 2017. LI members will automatically receive this information, but if you are not a member and would like to know, email our Events and Competition Manager Sabina Mohideen: .

Guest hosts for the LI Awards

The LI invites distinguished guests to host the LI Awards each year. Past hosts include writer and broadcaster Jonathon Porritt, designer Wayne Hemingway and Sir Timothy Bartel Smit, creator of the Eden Project in Cornwall. Take a look at the celebrity presenters from the last ten years.