LI Competitions Office

Preston's Winckley Square daytime perspective. © SLR

The LI Competitions Office organises and runs a range of international landscape architecture and urban design competitions on behalf of clients.

Our expert competition package spans the competition lifecycle, from concept through to announcing the winner.

What the LI design competition service covers

Our dedicated service covers competition concept, planning and managing the whole process throughout, and at the level you want it. For instance our service includes:

  • generating  competition ideas and concepts
  • creating and designing competition briefs
  • working on submissions and judging criteria
  • setting up and managing public consultations and exhibitions
  • evaluating submissions
  • supplying expert judges

We appoint a chartered landscape architect to advise on all our competitions. The landscape architect is chosen for their relevant experience to the competition’s aims and can advise on the brief, as well as chairing the judging panel and attending site visits and community engagement events.

Creating a dedicated landscape competition website

All competition briefs and other relevant material are featured on the competitions area of the LI website.

However, we can design and build a dedicated competition website for you that showcases design briefs, submissions and covers your competition news. This is offered as an additional service.

Where the client would prefer a printed brief, this can be designed and printed as an additional service.

The Moorside Landscape Design Competition website is a good example of the type of website we can create for a competition.

How the LI manages the landscape competition process

Crucially, we manage all aspects of the submissions and judging process including:

  • answering questions from potential entrants
  • receiving and logging expressions of interest
  • managing entries and ensuring submission criteria and deadlines are met
  • organising judging events, dates and liaising with judges and entrants
  • managing the judging process, eg preparing agendas and the judging matrix
  • organising site visits if required
  • informing all entrants of competition results and providing feedback

How we promote and market competitions

Our aim is to get you maximum media coverage and public engagement. We’ll plan this with you, so you decide the areas of the competition to promote, for example launch, shortlisting or final announcement on winners.

We’ll manage the resources required to promote and market your competition, or we’ll work with your media department, or do both if preferred.

Our promotion channels include LI membership communication channels, social media, and bespoke mailings. The LI also has strong relationships with relevant press, broadcast and digital media.

If relevant, we can promote a competition internationally through our close links to numerous international organisations including the:

  • International Federation of Landscape Architects
  • European Federation for Landscape Architecture
  • American Society of Landscape Architects

The LI’s free consultation for landscape competitions

For a free initial consultation to discuss the different types of competitions available, contact our Business Development Manager Saskia Little: