Photography and photomontage

The Landscape Institute has published guidance on photography and photomontage. The last formal issue was LI Advice Note 1/11 (March 2011) – Advice on photography and photomontage.

The following clarifications were issued:

This guidance is in the process of being revised. The 2018 public consultation draft can be downloaded here:

Photography and Photomontage public consultation draft 2018.

The final version will replace the above guidance and clarifications.

The Landscape Institute is keen to hear the views of LI members and non-members alike. We are happy to receive your comments in any form (e.g. annotated PDF, email with paragraph references) via email to . Alternatively, members may make comments on Talking Landscape topic Photography and Photomontage Update.

Specific questions for consideration are listed on the second page of the draft document.
Please return comments on the draft (released 5 June 2018) by Friday 29 June.