Homeowner Landscape Contracts

The JCLI Homeowner documents have been produced by the Society of Garden Designers, agreed by the JCLI Contracts Forum and badged JCLI. They are based on the JCT Homeowner documents and are only for use where the client (customer) is a ‘domestic’ client acting in a personal capacity (not as a business or any other organisation, eg charity, authority).

The JCLI Homeowner Design Consultancy Agreement (JCLI HCA), the JCLI Homeowner Landscape Contract with Consultant (JCLI HLC/C) and the JCLI Homeowner Landscape Contract without Consultant (JCLI HLC) should be ordered from the Society of Garden Designers. Associated documents are available as free downloads from the SGD website, including JCLI Practice Note No 10, Scottish Amendments and Model Forms for use with the JCLI Homeowner Landscape Contract with Consultant.

Before purchasing the Homeowner Agreement and Contracts it is advisable to look at the latest revision of JCLI Practice Note No 10 (available as a free download from the Society of Garden Designers website) to see whether they are suitable documents for your project.