Tranquillity is a subject that is already well established in public understanding. But when one goes beneath the surface, there are differences in how we understand it. For instance, is it an attribute of the environment, or of the perceiver?

    There are clear links between landscape and tranquillity and thus it is entirely appropriate for the landscape profession to provide an overview and take a lead in the development of the subject. It is envisaged that this Technical Information Note forms the first stage in a process which might ultimately lead to the publication of further clarifications, guidance or a policy position.

    The initial task needed is one of clarification. Fiona McKenzie CMLI has therefore pulled together a technical note for the purposes of providing an overview of what is understood by the term tranquillity within the landscape profession, and to inform any future discussions and actions on the topic. From the outset it is evident that the subject has a number of facets. The term has been used for varying purposes across the countries of the UK and there is no objective guidance on the subject or a consistent application of approach. The subject area is also evolving, with interest in how it might relate to aspects of health and wellbeing. There is also the possibility of confusion with Wildland, which is an important topic in Scotland in particular.

    Tranquillity – An Overview (Technical Information Note 1/17)


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