GIS and Spatial opendata


    In recent years government and other organisations around the world have been making an increasing number of datasets freely and openly available. Since an estimated 80% of all data is spatial it is no surprise that many of the newly open datasets are in a format that can be used in a Geographic Information System (GIS), web application or other system.

    The LI has commissioned a Technical Information Note (TIN) on Spatial open-data (18-3 Opendata). This will enable landscape professionals to understand: 

    ·       what open spatial data is

    ·       the various licences that open-data is released under 

    ·       the most commonly used data formats

    ·       where to find the most useful and relevant datasets for landscape professionals

    An accompanying spreadsheet catalogues some of the most useful open spatial data resources for LI members using GIS and can be found here: LI_TINspatialopendata  

    We would like to add to this data and also better understand how members are using it in their GIS and CAD workflows. If you would like to assist with this please contact



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