Plant Health Resources


    A selection of plant health resources which will be of help:

    Pest and Disease Threats, Technical Information Note, Jan 2015 (PDF, 0.9KB)

    LI Biosecurity Newsletters

    Tree Health and the Landscape seminar 17 October 2013

    Report of the seminar

    Presentation by Alan Simson: Landscape Architecture in Transition – the place of trees in the city of the future:

    Presentation by Colin Moore: Tree health and the landscape – What we need to know

    Presentation by Keith Sacre: Tree populations and tree health

    Presentation by David Slawson: Trees and plant health – How you can help to reduce threats

    Briefing: Chalara Dieback of Ash, 9 Nov 2012

    Report on LI members’ survey about Chalara dieback of ash

    Third party resources:

    UKPSF Ash Dieback site

    Defra’s Chalara Control Plan

    Forestry Commission information on spotting the disease and reporting it

    Forestry Commission Q&As

    The Plant Health (Forestry) (Amendment) Order 2012

    Forestry Commission information on biosecurity measures

    Guidance from Food and Environment Research Agency

    Defra video: how to spot dieback of ash

    Follow Chalara dieback of ash on twitter

    Biosecurity in Arboriculture and Urban Forestry Position Statement