Other options for weed control


    The Landscape Institute is not currently taking a formal view on the desirability or otherwise of using chemicals to control weeds, noting that this is an area of controversy. It recognises, however, that a number of our members’ clients, and particularly parks managers in the public sector (e.g. see this discussion by APSE), are keen to reduce the use of chemicals in general.

    There are clearly no easy or cheap solutions to moving back to weed control systems which do not rely on chemicals. Indeed, is it economically possible? The purpose of this Technical Note therefore is to start to equip landscape professionals on their journey as they begin to appreciate and communicate to clients some of the implications for design of schemes, management and specification when considering using non-chemical methods of weed control.

    Constructive feedback on this Information Note (none of which should be taken as advocacy or guidance) is welcome.

    19-11 Options for weed control__


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