Neighbourhood planning


    Landscape architects are well placed to assist in the preparation of neighbourhood plans, either as consultants working on behalf of groups or as active members of groups themselves. The knowledge and experience required are very similar to working with LPAs in the preparation of assessments which form the evidence base for planning policy documents, for example landscape or townscape character assessments, landscape sensitivity and capacity assessment, green infrastructure studies or conservation area appraisals.

    A landscape architect may be commissioned to undertake a specific piece of work or may adopt the role of a facilitator or advisor, providing guidance on where to find information and how to undertake local surveys, rather than undertaking the work themselves. They may also be asked to review the findings of assessments and assist in integrating landscape matters into policies.

    Areas of work which a landscape architect might expect to cover include: Landscape/townscape character assessment; Landscape capacity studies; Green space needs assessment; masterplanning and design codes; Sustainability appraisal (SA); and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA).

    Jon Rooney’s Technical Note provides general information on the background to neighbourhood planning and how LI members might expect to be involved in the preparation of neighbourhood plans.


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