BRE’s Strategic Ecology Framework (SEF)


    The LI has been working with Building Research Establishment (BRE) to ensure that landscape issues are incorporated within all BRE Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) and Home Quality Mark (HQM) schemes. There is more progress to be made, but we have had considerable success in influencing the content of the HQM and also the Strategic Ecology Framework (SEF).

    The SEF is a new approach to the way BRE assesses ecology-related criteria within all its UK BREEAM and HQM schemes. It has been developed through a year-long process of collaboration with industry professionals, clients, assessors, CIEEM and the Landscape Institute.  It is designed to respond to industry feedback and bring BRE’s methodology in-line with current ecological best practice.

    The SEF sits above all BRE’s UK schemes, informing the development of a common foundation that can be applied to the assessment of any scale of development.

    A Technical Information Note has been produced to help Landscape Institute members learn more about the Framework.

    Please note that the Landscape Institute’s support to BRE is simply in recognition of the position of the BRE in the sector and should not be taken that the Institute favours BRE standards over any others.


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