Assessing landscape value outside national designations

    River Findhorn, Strathdearn. Image: LUC

    The landscape profession’s understanding of landscape value is still evolving – particularly in light of the climate and biodiversity emergencies. TGN 02-21: Assessing landscape value outside national designations is the LI’s current reflection on the subject of landscape value.

    The phrase ‘valued landscapes’ was introduced into Paragraph 109 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) in England in 2012. (Now Paragraph 170 of the current NPPF 2018). This instigated discussions about what a valued landscape is, how to identify valued landscapes, who should be identifying them, and whether identifying valued landscapes is compatible with the European Landscape Convention’s message that ‘all landscapes matter’.

    After chairing a workshop on the topic at the LI’s Valuing Landscape Conference in 2018, Rebecca Knight (Chair of the TGN’s author group) invited a group of landscape professionals from across the UK in March 2020 to discuss it. During the meeting, it became clear that we needed to support LI members in interpreting the phrase valued landscapes’ in England’s NPPF, both in terms of plan making and development management. The group also acknowledged the need for a common understanding of landscape value across the whole of the UK. The meeting provided a springboard for the drafting of this document.

    We’d like to thank members of the working group for their valuable inputs and constructive discussion, and the document’s authors – Rebecca Knight, Michelle Bolger, Kate Bailey and Jeremy Smith – for the expertise and patience they have put into the development of this document.

    Read TGN 02-21 here.


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