Appointment of a landscape professional


    The LI publishes the ‘Landscape Consultant’s Appointment’ to help client-consultant relationships. Its principal aims are to:

    • enable the landscape consultant and the client to achieve a clear understanding of the services required by the client;
    • define the conditions concerning the provision of those services; and
    • set out the payment provisions relating to those services.

    There are two sets of documents:

    • The first comprises a suite of documents for the appointment of a Landscape Consultant that includes a Memorandum of Agreement, Conditions of Appointment, Scopes of Services and Fees for the services. Together, a set of these documents completed, amended as appropriate and signed will, along with any other attached documents, form the contract between the Client and Landscape Consultant.
    • The second suite of documents is for the appointment of an LI member as the CDM Principal Designer for a project, which can be used whether or not the LI member is the Landscape Consultant for the project.

    These Appointment documents have been developed for members. Clients wishing to see them should contact a member, for example via the Registered Practice directory. It is currently LI practice not to provide these to potential clients directly, partly because of the need for interpretation, partly because of IPR, and partly to enable practitioners to lead on discussions about the terms of their own engagement. Clients reading this page may however be interested in other procurement suggestions produced by the LI.

    The Landscape Consultant’s Appointment is available free to LI members via the members’ area. (Please note that you will need to log in to access the document.)


    1. How do I obtain acopy of the ‘Landscape Consultants Appointment’ it does not appear inyour publications list or your shop?


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