25 Year Environment plan – related technical resources


    On 11 January, the UK Government unveiled its 25 Year Environment Plan. Previously expected to be a Defra document, the Plan instead carries the HM Government brand, thus signing the government and the UK up for corporate action.

    Wide-reaching and ambitious, the plan makes many commitments that LI members could, and should, be helping to deliver. It recognises our work, talking about many areas we currently support – landscape, green infrastructure, and beauty – and others we are beginning to explore, including health and wellbeing and natural capital. This endorsement of the work landscape professionals do is very encouraging.

    Below are a few of the areas of commitment in the Plan, and LI initiatives – past, current and upcoming – that relate to them. Each of these areas of knowledge and practice are likely to become crucial competencies for many professionals in the near future. (Page references for the 25 Year Environment Plan itself are also given; click here to view the Plan.)

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    Get in touch

    If there are more areas in the 25 Year Environment Plan on which you would like to see more information – or indeed, if you feel you could volunteer your time and knowledge to develop relevant resources – please do comment below or get in touch via technical@landscapeinstitute.org.

    We are also interested, when the metrics presented in the Plan are developed, to hear from practitioners who use them – if feasible – to help us further demonstrate the value of landscape.


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