Why has my membership fee gone up?


    This year we raised our membership fees by 3.5%. With the recent cost of living increases forecasted to be as high as 6-7%, we’re conscious of the impact of this on our members so we’ve made the decision to keep our fees increase well below this at just 3.5%.

    The membership fees we receive go straight back into the expansion and improvement of our member services to ensure you have the right support you need.

    Last year we updated our membership offer to bring LI Campus and our online CPD days to all our member grades as part of their fees. For less than the cost of a single CPD ticket, all members now get unlimited access to both our online CPD events and to LI Campus (currently worth £90 for a 12-month subscription).

    These online services are accessible to all our members for free, at any time, wherever you are – helping you stay connected, knowledgeable, and at the top of your professional game. By including LI Campus and online CPD days in our offer, we aim to provide universal skills development to our members and cost-effective training for our Registered Practices and employers.

    With our members at the heart of what we do, we not only want to make sure we’re leading the sector ourselves – we want to support you to do the same.