Why become a P2C examiner?


    • Give back to the profession. Becoming a Pathway to Chartership examiner can be your way of giving back to the profession – giving your time to support candidates to become chartered, just as others supported you in the past. Examining can be excellent CPD, and ensures you keep your knowledge of the Pathway syllabus up to date.
    • Already a mentor or supervisor? Examining is a natural progression, and it helps you be a better mentor and/or supervisor, as you’ll gain a better understanding of the exam process through experiencing it first hand. It also helps if you’re carrying out mock exams or advising study groups.
    • Bolster your skills. Carrying out assessments of any kind is a great professional skill to have, and will support your day-to-day work: including interviews, appraisals, and possibly your technical work too.
    • Build your network. Meet other examiners, learn from them, and build up your network.
    • Prepare for the new LI Entry Standards. The Pathway to Chartership is changing! It will continue to run for the next couple of years, but will eventually be replaced by the new Entry Standards, launching in 2021. Becoming an examiner now will prepare you to transition across to the new assessments in the future. This will include not just Chartership assessments, but also technician member assessments, and end-point assessments for apprenticeships.

    All our examiners receive training on carrying out the exams, including experience being a monitor in the exams before becoming an examiner. For the time being, all training and examinations will be online – this does have its challenges, but it makes the process extremely accessible for examiners and candidates.

    There’s also examiner CPD each year. We’re currently putting together a training plan including topics such as equity, diversity and inclusion; professional ethics; and assessment techniques.

    Apply here to become a Pathway to Chartership examiner.