When will my exam be?


    Exam dates

    Exam dates are released roughly four months prior to the exams taking place, and are released on the website, and via the Chartership newsletter.

    You can register to take your exam in May or November, and in London or Manchester. You will be contacted if the LI isn’t able to accommodate your preference.
    Once your registration has been confirmed you will be given roughly a week to request a morning or afternoon exam.

    You will get the exam date and time of your exam approximately 1.5 months prior to your exam. This will be available on your Pathway account under the Exams tab, and when the timetable is released you will get an email notification. There may be slight alterations to the timetable after it is released, if other candidates defer.

    Why does it take so long to get the exact date/time of my exam?

    After the registration deadline the list of registered candidates is sent to the examiners. They then check the list for candidates who they have conflicts of interest with, and therefore can’t examine or monitor.

    The LI then starts on the timetabling, based on examiner availability, conflicts of interest and candidates’ time and date preferences. This is quite a mind-boggling task, and needs to be done correctly. The initial timetable is given to the Chief Examiners to check it over, and is then released online.