What is the CPD reporting form and how do I complete it?


    What is the CPD reporting form?

    We encourage members to record their CPD online using the new online CPD service. For 2020-21, though, members will have the option of continuing to fill in our CPD recording form if they wish.

    The CPD reporting form acts as your plan for your development over the year. It should be a document outlining your current situation, setting objectives, and identifying means of meeting these objectives. Your objectives might relate to maintaining and improving your competence in your current role, or to working towards a change of role or career direction.

    How do I complete the CPD recording form?

    • Write down all the jobs you are expected to do in your current work, the areas you need to be knowledgeable about, the skills you need and the changes that are likely to occur in the next 2 years
    • Write down your strengths and development areas (you may want to use a SWOT Analysis to help you to identify these)
    • Consider your short and longer-term career ambitions and the timescale to achieve them
    • Write your CPD objectives for the next 12 months to address your development areas and career ambitions

    Think about:

    • How you will achieve your objective
    • How will you know that you have achieved it
    • The time scale for achieving your objectives

    With your completed your CPD form you should then:

    • Regularly review and update your CPD form with changes in your current work and your future plans
    • Regularly update your CPD form with activities you have undertaken which help achieve your objectives
    • Ensure that you record the required hours indicating formal, informal and climate-related activity
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