What if I am severely ill or unable to complete the required CPD hours?


    CPD and illness / caring duties

    We recognise that in certain circumstances it may be difficult to meet the LI’s minimum CPD requirements. We ask that you maintain your professional development whatever your circumstances, but in exceptional circumstances, exemptions can be considered if you are:

    • caring for a sick or elderly relative
    • experiencing a long term illness

    The continuation of CPD for members in these circumstances is important as it ensures they are ready and competent to return to work when able to do so.

    Members who feel that they may have difficulty in meeting the CPD requirements can apply for a deferral by completing an Application for CPD Deferral Form and requests will be considered on a case by case basis. Those members granted a deferral will be required to submit their CPD record the following year.

    There may be other situations that would provide valid reasons for a lower amount of CPD being reported – these can be detailed in the appropriate section in your application for deferral. However, not every reason for failing to report or accrue sufficient CPD will be valid. Lack of time, for instance, is not an appropriate explanation; neither is stating that the there were no courses in your local area or that your employer refused to pay for courses.

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