What happens when I resign my LI Registered Practice Membership?


    On resignation of your practice membership

    • You must remove all references to the practice as a Member of the Landscape Institute from your business documents, business cards, letterheads, websites, email signatures, etc.
    • You must inform all relevant third parties of your change in practice status. Failure to do so could leave you open to legal action.
    • You will no longer receive LI communications including copies of the LI Journal; your access will be removed from the LI Members’ area on our website, Talking Landscape, and other services.
    • Your professional indemnity insurance policy, eligibility to appear as an expert witness and other matters may be affected.
    • Your practice will be removed from the LI’s online ‘ Find a Practice’ Directory
    • Your practice will no longer be eligible to enter the LI Awards, and some competitions.