What happens on the day of the exam?


    What happens on the day?

    Please arrive at least 15 mins before your published exam slot. A member of LI staff will be at the venue to greet you, and sign you in. You must bring photographic ID (e.g. passport, driving license) with you.

    When your examiners are ready for you, one of the examiners will collect you from the waiting area, and escort you to the exam room. The examiners will introduce themselves, and the monitor if present, and explain the format of the exam.

    There will be water, pen and paper in the room for your use. You can take as many notes as you like during the exam, but these must remain in the exam room when you leave.

    As the exam draws to a close the examiners will ask if there is anything else you’d like to mention, and also remind you of the date the results are released. Once the exam is over you are free to leave!

    What should you wear?

    There is no dress code, and we want you to feel comfortable in your exam. Your Chartership exam is a test of your professionalism, so as a rule of thumb, wear what you would to an important client meeting.

    Who are the examiners?

    Examiners are fully trained CMLI or FLI volunteers. They go through an application process, and must monitor exams prior to being examiners themselves.

    You won’t know who your examiners are until you walk into the exam room, and they will have raised any conflicts of interest they have with candidates.

    If you do recognise one of the examiners and aren’t comfortable with them examining you, you must let the examiners know at this point. Your exam will then be deferred until the next available exam session, which will probably be six months later in the May/November.