What happens when my CPD record is reviewed?


    The CPD review is intended to be a supportive process, there to maintain standards but also to support members with their professional development.

    When selected for monitoring, members are required to ensure their CPD records covering the previous year are complete and available online (the old CPD Form (Word) was phased out in 2021 and is no longer valid or accepted)

    The returns are assessed by members of the CPD Panel under the auspices of the Education & Membership Committee (a standing committee of the LI).  The reviewers take a full overview of the content that has been returned, considering how each member has met their objectives, assessing the range and quality of activities etc.

    The Panel assesses whether members have:

    • identified their learning needs and appropriately planned their development
    • recorded their CPD in the correct form
    • acted on their learning outcomes
    • demonstrated that their knowledge and skills are up to date
    • recorded the minimum required hours: total, formal, informal and climate-related
    • clear, relevent objectives set for year ahead
    • variety in CPD activities
    • reflection on CPD activity
    • assigned hours appropriately
    • considered learning outcomes
    • reflection on CPD year
    • clear, relevant objectives for coming CPD year building on considered review of past years record

    The panel will provide feedback which makes clear whether the record is satisfactory or not together with suggestions for improvement which we hope members will find useful in supporting their professional development

    Members with satisfactory records will receive feedback that highlights elements of their record that were particulary good and suggest areas that could continue to be developed or improved.  Members in this category will not be called in again for monitoring for 5years

    Those members whose records the panel find to be unsatisfactory will receive feedback that:

    • identifies any elements of their record that does not comply with the requirements
    • highlights those areas that need addditional attention going forwards
    • suggestions for areas that need to be developed or improved

    Members in this category will also have their record called in again for monitoring the following year with the expectation that the records will show improvement in line with the panel recommendations

    The feedback provided is considered to be for your benefit and use only and will not be shared or otherwise made available.   The results of your CPD monitoring will not recorded on your LI record, nor will they be accessible by anyone other than the CPD team.

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