What happens if I don’t submit my CPD record?


    Repercussions of failing to submit a CPD record

    Members failing to comply with the monitoring process will be in breach of the Code of Professional Conduct and subject to the CPD disciplinary process as outlined below.

    1. Members who miss all deadlines to complete/return CPD records for review are automatically in breach of Standard 7 of the Code of Conduct. They will receive a letter of admonishment with a £50 fine.
    2. If the member then completes/returns their CPD record within four weeks the panel will review it. They will also call the members’ record for review the following year. The member will have a record of the breach placed on their membership record, which will be considered ‘spent’ after 10 years.
    3. If the member fails to complete/return their CPD record, they will be in breach of standards 2 and 5 as well as standard 7. (Standard 2 obliges members to uphold the reputation and dignity of their profession; standard 5 obliges members to act with integrity and in keeping with their professional obligations). The disciplinary process will be escalated, and the member may need to undertake monitored CPD with an approved mentor.
    4. If the member still fails to comply, it may be necessary to call a formal professional conduct hearing. The outcome of this may involve more serious sanctions (which could include suspension or expulsion) along with the publication of the member’s misconduct.
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