What does ‘Allow other members to contact me’ / ‘Direct message’ mean?



    If you are an LI member, and are logged into the My LI Dashboard, you will see some additional options when you search for a member or firm in the LI Member Directory.

    One of these is the ‘Direct message’ button which shows up in the detailed listing for individual members who have set this permission.

    The example below shows this in action:


    If this person had not set the permission, or if the person searching the directory was not an LI member and was not logged in, they would not see the red ‘Direct Message’ button.


    How do I set up or change the permission?

    You will need to log into your My LI Dashboard.

    Once you are logged in, go to the My Profile card and select My details, addresses and LI Directory listing

    This will open up your profile page.

    Scroll down to the ‘Preferences’ section at the bottom of the page and you’ll see the ‘Allow other members to contact me’ option.

    • ‘Yes’: allows other LI members to see the ‘Direct Message’ button and to contact you directly.
    • ‘No’: will hide the ‘Direct Message’ button and other members will not be able to contact you directly.

    How does direct messaging work?

    By selecting this option on your LI Directory profile, you are giving permission for other LI members to contact you directly from the LI Member Directory. If they are logged in, they will see a button on your directory listing which allows them to send you a message which will be emailed to you. It will be up to you whether you want to respond to them.  

    We’ve added this feature at the request of many members who would like to be able to easily contact others to collaborate on projects, discuss work opportunities, or follow up after meeting at events.  

    The LI takes privacy very seriously. Only LI members who are logged in will be able to see the ‘Direct message’ button and your email address will not be shared with them.  Casual users of the Member Directory will not be able to see the button and so will not be able to use this option. Of course, you can decide at any time to turn this option off or on, so you will always have control of who can contact you.