What counts as CPD?


    What counts as CPD?

    The LI is not prescriptive about the types of activity that count as CPD, recognising that you are the best person to assess the value of an activity to your professional development. However, nothing should be automatically reported as CPD unless you have personally learnt from it. When considering whether an activity counts as CPD you should initially refer back to your CPD form to see whether it will help your development objectives. We also understand that you may come across unexpected opportunities for CPD that you had not planned for in your CPD form. These can be recorded if you believe that they will improve your competence but you should explain this in your CPD record and you should update your form accordingly. The following provides some examples of different types and methods of professional development activity:

    • Home-based learning – private study, structured reading on particular themes or topics. Use of audio, video or multi-media resources and other distance-learning material
    • Action-based learning – a systematic, structured approach to the solving of problems in the workplace
    • Preparation of material – for courses, technical meetings or publication in the technical press
    • Research – supervised research
    • Work based development – background reading, research or preparation required to tackle a new area of work, visiting landscape projects, supporting colleagues or mentoring students. IT skills development
    • LI activities – of a technical or professional nature
    • Events – conferences, seminars, workshops or other technical and professional events and meetings including in-house training. Can include soft skills as well as technical skills e.g. presenting, managing a team
    • Study – courses leading to a qualification, short academic courses, open or distance learning, individual study, attending lectures and seminars. Delivering lectures and tutorials

    It is recommended that a mix of different types and methods of professional development activity be used to give a wider learning experience. If your CPD record shows a very high proportion of one particular mode of activity, you should explain why.

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