What are concessionary rates and how do I apply for them?


    Concessionary and reduced membership rates

    The LI may, at its discretion, grant concessionary rates to individual Members who are

    • on maternity/paternity leave (75% reduction in membership fees, pro-rated)
    • unemployed, but seeking employment (75% reduction in membership fees, pro-rated); or
    • currently on a career break, such as a sabbatical (75% reduction in membership fees, pro-rated). Note that a career change/break from the Landscape profession is not eligible

    The LI also offers a low-income discount for members who earn less than £21,420 p.a. (50% reduction in membership fees, pro-rated).

    Concessionary rates are NOT available for Students/Affiliates/Retired members.

    How to apply

    If you believe you are eligible for one of these reduced rates, then fill in the online Concession Application form.

    To access the form, login with your MyLI details, then go to ‘My LI Membership’ and click the ‘Apply for a Concession’ link:


    The form looks like this:

    You’ll need to:

    • Select the concession reason which you believe applies to your circumstances
    • Provide a short supporting statement, explaining your circumstances and giving brief information to support your application. This should include details like relevant dates (for career break/sabbatical, unemployment or maternity/paternity leave), and estimated income level (for low-income) to enable the LI to assess your application.
    • Press the red ‘Submit’ button to submit your request and agree to the declaration thatthe statements made by you on the application are accurate and that you are bound by the LI Charter, LI By Laws and the LI Code of Conduct.

    The Membership team will review your application and notify you by email whether it has been approved or not. This may take several days in busy periods, such as the annual renewals period in May.

    If your application is approved then the concessionary rate will apply for the current Member year, and will be pro-rated.

    Concessionary rates policy

    • Please note that concessionary rates are not automatically applied in the next Member year.
    • You will need to reapply each year if you believe that you are eligible.
    • If the concession is for the full member year, it is your responsibility to apply for a concessionary rate before the start of the member year and, on approval, a reduced rate will be applied to your renewal for payment as usual.
    • If your application is made after 1st July and then approved the concessionary rate will apply for the current Member year, and will be pro-rated from the date of application.
    • We do not apply refunds on fees already paid.
    • If your circumstances change, and the reason for the concession no longer applies, please inform the LI who will adjust your fees for the remainder of the membership year.
    • The LI reserves the right to terminate your membership if any part of the information supplied is false.