What is the LI Case Study Directory and how does it work?


    The LI Case Study Directory

    The LI Case Study Directory showcases the work of LI Registered Practices and the winners of LI Awards. It’s a free, searchable directory of several hundred landscape projects from around the world and is constantly growing. Search the directory to find projects by region, by a specific firm, or by category.

    Only LI Registered Practices can add their own projects to the Case Study Directory. Find out how to become a Registered Practice


    Search for a case study

    You can search for a case study by name, category and/or location.

    • Name: search by the name (or partial name) of the case study or of the LI Registered Practice.
    • Category: search by the category of scheme it is
    • Location: search by UK government region, or international.

    See results as list or on a map

    You can toggle how search results are shown by clicking on the ‘grid’ or ‘pin’ icons below the search buttons.

    If you are in the map view, click on a pin to see a preview of the case study.