How do I link my case studies to my Registered Practice?


    Linking your case study to your Registered Practice

    Case studies are normally linked to the Registered Practice which was responsible for the work. Once a case study has been linked to a Registered Practice:

    • it will show up in the practice’s LI Member Directory listing
    • anyone viewing the case study will be able to link directory to the practice’s LI Member Directory listing
    • authorised users of a Registered Practice will be able to manage the case study through the MyLI Case Study Manager.

    Editing, deleting and managing case studies

    You can only edit, delete and manage case studies which have been linked to your Registered Practice. If a case study is linked to a different Registered Practice, you will not be able to access and manage it through the MyLI Case Study Manager.

    What to do

    If you see a case study in the case study directory which is not correctly linked to your Registered Practice, please email the LI membership team stating the URL of the case study you believe should be assigned to you, along with your membership number.