I am taking a career break; how can I comply with my CPD requirements?


    CPD and career breaks

    We ask all corporate members (Associate, Chartered, Fellow, Academic and Academic Fellow) to comply with CPD requirements, even if you are not currently working in a landscape-related role. Undertaking professional development activity during your career break will help maintain and enhance your personal marketability, and keep you up to date with changes in your professional field.

    Whatever your reason for taking a career break, the time, resources and normal professional development opportunities are potentially limited. The LI’s definition of CPD is deliberately wide to allow members considerable discretion in selecting the forms of professional development activity most suited to their current circumstances.

    If you are considering taking a career break, careful preparation or revision of your CPD objectives is essential. This will enable you to focus your limited time and resources on the type of professional development activity that interests you and may be already your specialist area.

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