How will I be assessed?


    The assessment includes written submissions, a presentation and an oral exam.   

    Written submissions

    1. A record of a minimum of 25 hours of CPD in the 12 months prior to the final assessment (10 hours formal and 15 hours informal) 
    2. A written report of a project you have been involved with (2500 words) 
    3. Resubmission of the summary of experience and qualifications submitted at the application stage 

    You will then go forward for the presentation and oral exam: 

    Presentation and oral exam

    a) A 10-minute presentation of the project submitted as a written report and 15-minute Q&A relating to this and; 

    b) A 45-minute competency-based Pathway to Technician oral exam  

    Assessments will be undertaken with a two assessor panel over video conferencing.