How do I set up authorised users for my Registered Practice on My LI?


    What are authorised users and what can they do?

    Authorised users can view your practice’s dashboard on My LI, and can manage your account. Among other things, they can:

    • view / pay invoices for your practice, and download receipts
    • update your practice’s LI Directory listing
    • add or manage case studies
    • access Registered Practice member benefits and content

    Types of authorised users

    There are two types of authorised users – a Principal, and Account Administrators.

    The Principal

    The Principal is the main contact for your practice and is normally the most senior LI member working at the practice.

    This is the person that the LI will send Registered Practice communications to – such as information about member benefits, new offers or training, renewals notifications or invitations to events such as Registered Practice breakfasts.

    Each practice can only have one Principal and the Principal must be an LI member.

    Account Administrators

    Account Administrators are the people in your practice who can access the practice’s My LI dashboard and manage case studies, payments, LI Directory profile etc.

    You can have more than one Account Administrator and they can be anyone in your organisation. For example, you might decide to grant access to your Finance Manager (so they can pay invoices) and your Bid Manager (so they can manage your LI Directory and Case Studies).

    The LI will not normally send Registered Practice emails to Account Administrators.

    Adding or changing authorised users

    Note: you’ll need to be an authorised user to do this. Contact the LI membership team if you need help

    You can manage your practice’s authorised users through My LI. This video shows you how:

    • Log in to My LI using your LI members’ email and password
    • Click the My Firm button to view your practice dashboard
    • Scroll down to the My People card
    • Click the Manage Authorised Users link to open the Manage my staff  page
    • You’ll see a list of people from your practice. Use the checkboxes to manage their permissions.
    • Press Save

    If you need to add an authorised user who doesn’t show up in the list on the Manage my staff page, please contact the LI Membership team.