How do I set my Branch preferences and subscribe to Branch updates?


    Branch preferences

    Use MyLI to select your Primary and Secondary Branches, and then to opt in or out of email newsletters from your Branches.

    You need to do this in two steps:

    1. Select your Primary and Secondary Branches (see below)
    2. Subscribe to branch updates (read this FAQ for details)

    What is the difference between Primary and Secondary Branches?

    All members have a Primary Branch. This is normally the one closest to you, and applicable members will have voting rights for their Primary Branch’s AGM. You’ll receive some necessary emails from your Primary branch (such as branch AGM notices) but you’ll need to subscribe to branch updates to get email newsletters from this branch.

    Members may also select one or more Secondary Branches. You don’t have voting rights for Secondary Branches but you if you subscribe to branch updates, you’ll receive email newsletters from your secondary branches.

    Selecting your Branches

    • Log in to My LI using your LI members’ email and password
    • Go to the Engage with the LI  card and click on My LI Branches

    On the Branches page, select your Primary and any Secondary Branches you are interested in hearing from, then press ‘Save Changes’.


    Opt-in to get newsletters from your Branches

    Once you’ve selected your Primary and Secondary Branches, you’ll need to set your communications preferences if you want to receive email newsletters from your chosen Branches. Read how to set your communications preferences.

    If you subscribe to Branch updates, you’ll receive email newsletters from all the Branches you’ve selected.