How do I read the Landscape Journal online?


    Where can I read the Journal online?

    The Journal is available to read at our Issuu page, which includes an archive of editions going back to 2012.

    For the best experience on tablet or phone, we recommend downloading the free Issuu app from the Google Play store or Apple App store. Once you have created a free account, you can ‘follow’ publishers like the Landscape Institute, and save your favourite publications and stories.

    How to get the most from Issuu

    You can read the Journal on your PC, tablet or smartphone on the Issuu page – just click on the edition of the Journal you want to read to open it. All the editions are listed under the ‘Publications’ section on Issuu.

    We have also created mobile-friendly ‘Stories’ for all of the articles in the Autumn 2020 edition (and some earlier ones). Click on a story to read it – or to share with your friends and colleagues.

    From the Autumn 2020 edition onwards, we have included interactive elements – such as video links from some of our advertisers and direct links to download materials such as policy documents – so we encourage you to explore the content.

    Download the Journal as a PDF for offline reading

    If you want to save the Journal for offline reading, you can also download it as a PDF by clicking the ‘Download’ button on the Journal reader (On a smartphone, you might need to click the three dots in the bar under the Journal reader and select ‘Download’).