How can I view and download invoices / receipts for my Registered Practice?


    View/download your practice’s invoices

    First, you’ll need to be logged into your My LI Dashboard and you’ll need to be an authorised user for your practice.

    Go to My Firm to see options related to your practice:

    Go to My practice payments and orders > View my invoices and orders

    This will open up the Orders and Invoices page:

    Click on the My open invoices tab to show your invoices which have not been fully paid. You can see the total amount of the invoice and the balance owing.

    • Click the ‘download’ icon to the right to download your invoice.
    • Click the ‘pay’ button to the left to pay by credit card, or to see how to pay by BACS.
    • If you have been paying by Direct Debit, download your invoice to see your payments to date against that invoice.
    • If you need to change your billing address, you can either do this by clicking ‘Pay’ and following the prompts, or by going to My Firm > My Practice Profile >  My practice details, addresses and LI Directory listing and updating it there.

    Click on the My paid invoices tab to view invoices which have been fully paid.

    • Click the ‘download’ icon to the right to download your invoice.