How can I contact other LI members? 


    The ‘Contact a member’ function

    We encourage our members to network with one another and to collaborate on projects, events or other activities.  

    To assist, we’ve set up ‘Contact a member’ function on the LI Member Directory. Members who want to be contacted by other members will have a button on their Directory Profile page, which can only be seen by members who are logged in to MyLI.

    Of course, not every member wants to be contacted, so not every member will have a ‘Direct Message’ button on their profile. You will only see the ‘Direct Message’ button if you are an LI member and are logged in.

    Here is an example of a directory listing with the ‘Direct Message’ button displayed:

    How ‘Contact a member’ works

    You will need to be an LI member and be logged into the LI Website or My LI Dashboard to use ‘Contact a member’.

    • Go to the LI Member Directory
    • Search for the member you are looking for, and open up their Directory Listing.
    • If there is one, click on the ‘Direct message’ button.  
    • Fill in your message, then accept the privacy terms and press ‘send’.
    • Your message will be emailed to the member by the LI, along with your name and email address. You will not see the member’s email.
    • Once the member receives the message, they can decide when and how to get in contact with you.   


    The LI takes privacy very seriously. Only LI members who are logged in will be able to see the ‘Direct Message’ button, and they will not see the member’s email address unless the member decides to respond.