What experience and key skills do P2C examiners need?


    Requisite experience, qualifications and attributes

    • Chartered of Fellow status (CMLI or FLI) for at least five years
    • Involvement with the Pathway to Chartership as a mentor or supervisor, and/or demonstrable knowledge of the Pathway to Chartership – such as experience working alongside candidates, mentors, supervisors, or existing examiners
    • General knowledge of the Pathway syllabus, and expertise in one or more areas of the syllabus
    • Excellent oral communication skills
    • Flexibility and enthusiasm
    • Willingness to act as an ambassador for the Pathway to Chartership and safeguard the Landscape Institute‚Äôs reputation and values
    • Respect for others
    • Willingness to learn new skills and receive feedback

    Essential key skills

    • Flexibility and enthusiasm
    • Legible handwriting
    • Impartiality, fairness and confidentiality
    • Tact, diplomacy, and the ability and willingness to speak one’s mind and deal constructively with conflict

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