What responsibilities does a P2C examiner have?


    Pathway to Chartership examiners:

    • Review submissions made by candidates, mentors and supervisors prior to their exam, and prepare suitable questions for each candidate.
    • Use a variety of questioning styles to assess candidates against the criteria specified in the Chartership syllabus.
    • Work with other examiners to ensure each candidate experiences a fair and consistent assessment of their knowledge and understanding.
    • Act as exam monitors, observing the performance of other examiners and feeding back both to individuals and to the chief examiners.
    • Work proactively to ensure their own knowledge of the Pathway remains up to date and fit for purpose.
    • Maintain confidentiality of user submissions in accordance with guidelines provided by the LI.
    • Respond to LI communications in a timely manner.
    • Contribute to the ongoing development of the Pathway through constructive feedback and input as requested.
    • Support the overall aims and objectives of the Landscape Institute.
    • Attend at least one Examiner CPD event annually.

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