Do I need to carry on with my development logs?


    Development logs and exams

    You will need to carry on with your development logs. Examiners will look at all your development packs, but will particularly focus on the most recent two quarters to get an idea of your current levels of knowledge and understanding, and your current projects. You must submit a full development pack in the quarter before your exam i.e. in quarter 3 (30 September) for November exams and in quarter 1 (31 March); otherwise you will not be allowed to take your exam.

    Your mentor is strongly encouraged to submit a final mentor review for you in these quarters. However, this is not mandatory, and if your mentor is unable to submit their review this will not disadvantage you in your exam.

    Your development packs are not the same as your revision notes, and shouldn’t be used as such. The examiners want to see clearly and concisely what you have learnt and your reflections on that. Anything that you have mentioned in any of your development logs is fair game for the examiners, and you may be asked on it. Your development packs and CV are the only impressions of you the examiners have to go on, and frame questions on.