Do I have to submit my CPD record?


    Obligation to submit CPD records

    All corporate members of the LI (Associate, Chartered, Fellow, Academic and Academic Fellow) are required under Standard 7 of the Code of Conduct to complete a minimum of 25 hours’ CPD every year. Consequently, the LI has a responsibility to monitor a random sample of members to ensure compliance with the Code.

    The CPD year runs from 01 July to 30 June. Each year the LI will select at random a number of corporate members and notify them in advance that their CPD records will be subject to monitoring in July. This helps us to ensure that members are fulfilling their obligations as outlined in the LI Code of Conduct. Associate members who are actively engaging with the Pathway to Chartership are not selected for monitoring.

    When selected for monitoring, members are required to ensure their CPD records covering the previous year are complete and available online (or, if members choose to use the CPD Form for 2020-21 only, submitted via email). CPD records are reviewed by the LI’s CPD Panel. The Panel assesses whether members have:

    • identified their learning needs and appropriately planned their development
    • recorded their CPD in the correct form
    • acted on their learning outcomes
    • demonstrated that their knowledge and skills are up to date
    • recorded the minimum required hours: total, formal, informal and climate-related

    The Panel will provide feedback, which we hope members will find useful in supporting their professional development.

    Members failing to comply with the monitoring process will be in breach of the Code of Professional Conduct and subject to the CPD disciplinary process. (See What happens if I don’t submit my CPD record?)

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