How can I apply for a CPD waiver?


    CPD and illness, caring duties, maternity leave, etc.

    We recognise that in certain circumstances it may be difficult to meet the LI’s membership subscription and/or minimum CPD requirements. The continuation of CPD for members in these circumstances is important as it ensures they are ready and competent to return to work when able to do so. But a subscription concession and CPD waiver can be considered for:

    • People on a low income (earning less than £21,000 per annum; please note that this accounts for all income, not just income from landscape-related work)
    • People who are caring for a sick or elderly relative
    • Illness
    • Maternity Leave
    • Unemployment (seeking work)
    • People on a career break (not including breaks from the profession – an example of career break is a sabbatical)

    Concession 1 (Low income)

    Adjusted CPD Requirements: 25 hours’ informal CPD only (this must still include a minimum of five hours on climate, sustainability, resilience, and environmental and biodiversity net gain)

    Concession 2 (Other)

    Reduced CPD Requirements: 5 Hours’ informal CPD only (this must include a minimum of one hour on climate, sustainability, resilience, and environmental and biodiversity net gain)

    Members may apply for a subscription concession/CPD waiver online via the My.LI members’ area or by contacting  Members applying for a CPD waiver only (with no subscription concession) should contact

    There may be other valid reasons for a CPD waiver; however, not every reason for failing to record or accrue sufficient CPD will be valid. Lack of time, for instance, is not an appropriate explanation; neither is stating that there were no courses in your local area, or that your employer refused to pay for courses. The LI’s definition of CPD is deliberately wide to allow members considerable discretion in selecting the forms of professional development activity most suited to their current circumstances. If you have any questions about CPD, please get in touch via

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