Can my employer pay for my LI membership?


    Yes. There are several ways your employer can pay your membership renewal.

    Paying by credit card or BACS

    You will need to log into your My LI Dashboard, and go to My orders and payments and click on the View my invoices and orders link to open the ‘My orders and invoices’ screen:

    Find the relevant invoice from the ‘My open invoices’ list. You now have the following options for having your employer pay:

    • Click on ‘Pay’ and then use your employer’s credit card details during the online checkout
    • Download the invoice and give to your employer to pay by BACS

    Remember – even if your employer pays for your LI membership, you are still responsible for making sure that the renewal payment is made in time.

    Paying by Direct Debit

    Your employer can also set up a Direct Debit to pay your membership fees – simply ask them to return a completed Direct Debit Instruction to the Membership team. They will need to provide their bank details, but include your name and membership number on the form so the payments can be allocated to your record.