Can I have special provisions as I am (for example) dyslexic?


    Special provisions for your Chartership exam

    If you have a medical or learning condition which means you have previously been allocated extra time in school/university exams or other situations, you can apply for extra time in your Chartership exam. Please let the LI know your requirements at the point of registering, and supply a medical evaluation or certificate as soon as possible. The LI can provide up to 25% extra time in the Chartership exam, taking your exam up to a full hour.
    Extra time is not provided if English is not your first language. The Chartership exam is testing your ability to practice in the UK, and part of that is being able to communicate with your colleagues and clients.

    All venues are always fully accessible, and any other arrangements can be made, as long as you give the LI as much notice as you can.