9. Towards the oral examination


    a. Assessing readiness: the exam notification

    In order to proceed to the oral exam, you will need to demonstrate:

    • A minimum of stage 2 knowledge and understanding across the majority of the syllabus
    • Stage 1 knowledge and understanding in a small number of areas you do not work with directly
    • Stage 3 knowledge and understanding in areas relating to your specific areas of expertise
    • No areas at stage 0

    When you and your mentor believe you are ready for the oral Chartership exam, your mentor should make an exam notification in their mentor review. Once your mentor has indicated that you are exam ready, they will have to answer several additional questions to help the supervisor make an assessment.

    Your mentor should not be tempted to submit an exam notification before they are satisfied that you genuinely meet the requirements of Chartership as described above. All notifications are subject to approval by the supervisor.

    b. Notification timing

    An exam notification can be submitted at the end of any quarter. There are normally two exam sessions each year, in May and November.

    • If you hope to take the exam in the May session, the notification needs to be made no later than quarter 4 (7 January).
    • If you hope to take the exam in the November session, the notification needs to be made no later than quarter 2 (7 July).

    c. Supervisor review of exam notification

    Once your mentor has submitted the exam notification, your supervisor will review of all the development packs and mentor reviews you have submitted, and will decide whether to approve or decline the notification.

    In reviewing your readiness to take the exam, the supervisor will take into account a range of factors, including:

    • The quality, content and timeliness of your quarterly submissions
    • The emerging profile of your development and understanding
    • The context of your experience

    The supervisor will base their decision solely on the information provided within the Pathway system. It is therefore important for both you and your mentor to dedicate sufficient time to writing a complete quarterly submission at each stage within the process and for you to ensure that your CV remains up-to-date.

    If the supervisor believes that you have not demonstrated the correct levels of knowledge to be ready for Chartership they will decline the notification, and provide advice on which particular areas need further development.

    When the supervisor agrees that you are ready to take the exam, the exam registration link will appear on your dashboard on the Pathway online system