8. Reviewing progress


    a. Overview

    You are expected to meet regularly with your mentor, so that you have the opportunity to talk through particular areas of the syllabus, or about issues you have encountered. You or your mentor can request a meeting, but it is your responsibility to arrange the meetings and ensure that they occur. The Pathway to Chartership is a self-guided system, and you are expected to own your development – it is in your interests to become Chartered.

    b. Informal meetings

    The LI recommend you meet with your mentor at least monthly for informal meetings. You and your mentor will develop your own patterns of meetings and know how you work together, but it is essential that you set aside regular and dedicated time for these meetings.

    The purpose of meeting regularly is to:

    • Discuss your developing experience and any topics you would like to explore, or issues you have encountered
    • Help your mentor to develop a rounded picture of you and your professional development
    • Allow your mentor to provide feedback on your progress
    • Identify next steps, including opportunities to further your development

    Your development pack will usually provide a focal point for discussion, and you need to discuss and agree how you will best work together, and how often you will update your development pack.

    During the meeting, you should aim to connect your theoretical knowledge to applied practice. Your mentor should encourage you to consider the application of topics you have been researching to professional practice. Similarly, if you have acquired some new practical experience, your mentor should discuss the underlying principles associated with it.

    Mentors should ensure that their feedback to candidates is:

    • Positive in identifying achievements
    • Specific in relating to particular actions or targets
    • Constructive in identifying ways to improve knowledge and understanding

    c. Quarterly review meetings

    The quarterly review is a more formal meeting between you and your mentor to review your progress at the end of each quarter.

    You will need to plan ahead to make sure that the quarterly review meeting is held in good time to enable both your submission deadlines to be met.

    You will need to review and discuss your development pack, checking that it accurately reflects your development during the quarter. You need to agree in advance whether you will submit your development pack ahead of the quarterly review meeting, or whether you will discuss a draft in the meeting, and formally submit your development pack after the review meeting has taken place.

    During the quarterly review meeting your mentor will seek to establish what you have learned, the depth of your knowledge and understanding, and how successfully you can apply this to real-life professional scenarios.

    Your mentor may concentrate on the areas that you previously agreed to study during the quarter, checking and consolidating previous knowledge as appropriate. Following this meeting, your mentor should be in a position to complete their mentor review, indicating what stage you have reached for each part of the syllabus. If there is a change in the stage, the mentor must describe how this change in knowledge has been achieved.

    d. Feedback from the supervisor

    The role of the supervisor is to provide feedback to both you and your mentor throughout your time on the Pathway to Chartership.

    Provided that your submissions are made on time, your supervisor will provide feedback to both you and your mentor, focussing on areas where you are progressing and highlighting areas on which you should focus.
    Where necessary, the supervisor may also identify emerging concerns. You should make time to discuss the supervisor’s feedback with your mentor at your informal and quarterly review meetings.