7. Recording candidate development


    a. Development Pack

    Every quarter, you will submit a development pack, showing the professional projects and personal development you have undertaken, and how these relate to the syllabus. You will produce your development packs in conjunction with discussions with your mentor.

    The development pack is designed to help you reflect on your progress, flag up issues you would like to explore further, and to plan your next steps. You need to make sufficient entries to clearly demonstrate how you have developed and progressed over the quarter. The development pack is your only opportunity to show your supervisor how and where you are progressing, so it important to include enough evidence of your development.

    The development pack consists of three sections:

    • Development logs: a record of your continuing development. You should briefly describe particular events or activities, and how these have contributed to your understanding of a particular part or parts of the Pathway syllabus
    • Projects: a record of the projects you have been working on
    • Quarterly statement: your reflection on the experience you have gained over the last three months, including what you have learned, and your priorities for the coming quarter

    Before the quarter deadline you must submit your development pack. You can review all the items you have added, and update your CV as necessary. Your mentor and supervisor are unable to see your development pack until you have submitted it fully.

    Sample development pack 1

    Sample development pack 2

    Sample development log (This is a full sample development pack, containing 3 projects, 3 development logs, and a quarterly statement. The mentor review has all been provided. This sample has been created by experienced examiners, supervisors and mentors, and is intended to illustrate the types of entries you should make.)

    b. Quarters and submission deadlines

    The LI recognises that you are taking on the Pathway to Chartership in addition to your regular work. You are therefore only expected to submit four development packs in the year, and will receive formal feedback from your mentor and supervisor after you have submitted your development packs.

    You must have submitted your packs no later than midnight on the last day of each quarter. Mentor deadlines are one week after your development packs have been submitted, with supervisors providing feedback the following month.

    Quarter 1

      • Candidate development pack due 31 March 
      • Mentor review due 7 April
      • Supervisor feedback due 1 May

    Quarter 2

      • Candidate development pack due 30 June
      • Mentor review due 7 July
      • Supervisor feedback due 1 August

    Quarter 3

      • Candidate development pack due 30 September
      • Mentor review due 7 October
      • Supervisor feedback due 1 November

    Quarter 4

      • Candidate development pack due 31 December
      • Mentor review due 7 January
      • Supervisor feedback due 1 February

    c. Early submissions

    If you have agreed it with each other, you and/or your mentor may submit your development pack or mentor review up to three weeks before the end of the quarter. You may find this useful if either of you anticipate being away towards the end of the quarter, or if you know there are office deadlines coming up.

    d. Late submissions

    If you miss your development pack deadline, and have not previously arranged an extension, you will not be able to submit anything for that quarter. Your mentor will still be able to submit their mentor review, which your supervisor will be able to comment on. You will then be able to continue logging your development as usual in the next quarter.

    If your mentor submits their mentor review late, without arranging an extension, the review will be counted as the following quarter’s review. This will mean the supervisor will be unable to see it, and will make submitting the following quarter very difficult. If your mentor believes they have submitted their review in the wrong quarter as they missed the deadlines, please contact pathway@landscapeinstitute.org to fix this. The LI is unable to guarantee that any late submissions will be reviewed by the supervisor.

    e. Deadline extensions for candidates and mentors

    The LI may, in exceptional circumstances, be able to grant deadline extensions where there are serious extenuating circumstances e. g. bereavement or a serious illness. If you are affected by one of these situations you should contact the LI as soon as possible, either by telephone or by emailing pathway@landscapeinstitute.org.

    The earlier you are able to alert the LI to a potential extension the more likely your request will be granted. Retrospective extensions are not allowed, and the maximum extension offered will be one week.

    f. Submitting and saving

    You can choose to save your development pack before submitting it, to allow you to review and add to it during the quarter. If you have previously saved your work, or if you input all your information at once, you must choose to submit your development pack.

    Unless you have clicked submit the system will not recognise your development pack as complete. You will receive an email confirming your submission. If you do not receive this, please double check whether you have actually submitted your development pack. Once you have made a submission, documents for the quarter will be permanently logged in the system and cannot be edited.

    g. Taking a break and dormancy

    You can opt to take a break from making submissions on the Pathway to Chartership at any time. To make your account dormant please contact pathway@landscapeinstitute.org, and ensure your mentor is aware of the situation.

    When you are ready to reactivate your account, contact pathway@landscapeinstitute.org to arrange this.

    While your account is dormant:

    • You will be unable to add to a development pack, your mentor will not submit any reviews and your supervisor will not provide any feedback.
    • You do not need to pay your annual retention fee. However, these fees will continue to accrue, and when you are ready to reactivate your account you will need to pay off any outstanding fees. This may mean paying more than one year’s annual retention fee.

    h. Failure to submit for an extended period

    If you have not contacted the LI to make your account dormant, and have not submitted a development pack for more than two consecutive quarters, you may be locked out of the online system. Your annual retention fees will still accrue while you are locked out, and will need to be paid before your account can be reactivated. Please contact  pathway@landscapeinstitute.org to arrange reinstatement.